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How to choose a Strata Manager

When it comes to choosing a strata manager for your scheme, be it a new or existing building, we find that the decision typically comes down to a few key issues.


Strata owners are like the rest of us; they do not like wasting money. And therefore, understandably, price is front of mind for Owners’ Corporations seeking strata management services in Sydney. But as with anything, you tend to get what you pay for. If your prospective strata manager’s pricing seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

As a reputed Sydney strata manager, Netstrata offers excellent value for money. Our highly skilled and professional strata managers are available when you need them and our pricing structure is completely transparent. At Netstrata, there are no hidden costs for incidentals.

Knowledge of legislation

Another factor often cited as a major influencer on decision makers is a strata manager’s knowledge of the relevant legislation governing strata schemes. As a strata management company with over 18 years experience in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle, we know the ins and outs of all the relevant legislation and are proud supporters of Strata Community Australia.

Capability and experience

But perhaps the biggest factor for many Owners’ Corporations is experience. Given the increase of medium density housing in Sydney, strata managers who have the relevant experience with high volume and  complex schemes are increasingly in demand. The days of simple 10 Unit walk up blocks are gone and with them, we hope, the often ineffectual strata managers of old.

Today, it is increasingly common for buildings and, therefore, schemes to house many more residents. It is also common for buildings to incorporate a mix of residential and commercial spaces. And then there are the pools, gyms and common areas that new buildings typically boast. These developments call for a truly professional strata management offering. And with approximately 800 schemes under management worth some $4.2 billion, Netstrata is the Sydney strata manager best equipped to handle your strata requirements.

At Netstrata, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our strata management service that we offer No Lock In Contracts.

Is your Owners Corporation hounding you unfairly?

Australia boasts the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world. Pets may be found in over two thirds of Australian homes. And with one in five Australians living in a strata scheme of one form or another, the issue of pets and strata plans is not one that is going away any time soon.

Now, what rights you, as an owner or a tenant, have vis-à-vis your pet depends entirely on the strata plan in effect at your place of residence.

Strata managers have a few options when it comes to deciding what By-laws will govern a strata plan. They can either draw up their own or rely on the pre-existing Schedule 1 By-laws (for schemes registered prior to 1 July 1997) or the Model By-laws (for schemes registered on or after 1 July 1997.) It should be noted here that the Owners Corporation has the authority to amend the Schedule 1 and Model By-laws.

As far as pet ownership goes, in general the approval of the Owners Corporation cannot be unreasonably withheld. As for the particular By-laws, Schedule 1 is clear: A resident or tenant needs the prior written consent of the Owners Corporation. The Model By-laws are slightly more complicated and give strata managers three options for dealing with the issue of pet ownership. Approval for pet occupancy may be granted in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Schedule 1 By-laws; approval may be granted providing certain conditions are met, such as the resident’s undertaking to carry the pet across common areas, or the resident’s request may be denied.

If you intend to rent in a strata plan, you will typically require two separate approvals. The onus is on the renter to obtain approval from the leasing agent and the Owners Corporation prior to occupancy.

In the event that the Owners Corporation denies a reasonable request, residents have a few avenues in which to pursue resolution. The first port of call should be an informal discussion with a representative of the Owners Corporation. Failing that, a resident may seek to take the matter to mediation, adjudication or the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.

One thing that residents should bear in mind is that a strata manager is, in general, not in a position to affect outcomes in these areas. Although strata management does involve deciding the By-laws that will apply to a particular strata plan, the authority to amend those By-laws is vested in the Owners Corporation.

For more information regarding Pets and Strata Management please refer to this document produced by the Law Society of New South Wales.

The Strata Managers Role in Owners Corporation Finances

One of the basic responsibilities of an owners corporation is to raise and manage fees and to Keep track of its finances. A strata manager has an important role in assisting the owners corporation to budget for their expenses, levy contributions, collecting levies, spending the funds in an authorised way and accounting to the general meeting each year on finances.

  1. Budgeting correctly for contributions to the administrative and sinking funds;
  2. Accurately levying contributions to the administrative fund and sinking fund;
  3. Collecting unpaid levies efficiently;
  4. Expending funds only on authorised expenses; and
  5. Preparing financial statements.

Thank you TEYS Lawyers for this Training Note

Netstrata appointed to The Point at Pyrmont

Netstrata are proud to announce that they were appointed to the prestigious Australand development The Point in Pyrmont last night.

The owners corporation are looking at undertaking extensive capitol works and wished to partner with a strata manager company that could add some value to the process. Senior Strata Manager Danielle Free who will be the appointed managing agent said “I am looking forward to working with the owners at The Point in helping them deliver some fantastic objectives that they have in plan for the strata scheme”.

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