Chatswood Strata Management

Self-managing a strata complex often leads to more disputes and missed deadlines. With expertise and experience, our team of strata managers in Chatswood ensures levies are collected promptly, maintenance is kept up-to-date, and disputes are dealt with quickly.

How a Strata Manager Can Help

Effectively managing a strata complex requires in-depth knowledge of local law, government regulations and industry standards. A strata manager has the expertise to help you navigate these requirements. A manager can do everything from attending meetings, issuing notices, and handling insurance claims.

Services We Provide

Effectively manage your strata scheme with our extensive range of services.

Strata Planning and Advice

Receive the best advice regarding developing, amending and enforcing your strata plan.

Financial Management

Ensure levies are paid on time, and all expenses are organised with accurate financial reporting. 

Insurance Claims

Understand your policy and make sure insurance claims are lodged and handled promptly.


Keep your strata complex in excellent condition with quality maintenance services.

Dispute Resolution

Handle any disputes quickly and efficiently with the help of our experienced strata managers.

Strata Legislation

Abide by the latest legislation and regulations to ensure your complex meets legal standards.

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How Netstrata Makes an Impact

Netstrata gives its clients a competitive advantage by helping them focus on their core business while we manage the non-revenue-producing functions of their company.

Our team comprises industry experts in providing high-quality strata management services with a commitment to customer service. We make the complex process of managing a strata complex easy and stress-free.

Strata Management FAQs

What is Strata Management? 

Strata management involves managing a large residential or commercial building with many dwellings, such as apartments or units. This usually includes managing the common property, issuing notices to residents and enforcing strata legislation.

What services do strata managers provide? 

A strata manager offers various services, including financial management, dispute resolution, maintenance and strata legislation advice.

What does a levies invoice cover?

A levies invoice covers the costs associated with the care and upkeep of a strata complex. This includes administration fees, insurance premiums, repairs and maintenance, legal fees and council rates.

How much does strata management cost? 

Strata management fees vary depending on the size of your complex and the services you require. Generally, they can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

How can I choose a suitable strata manager? 

When selecting a strata manager, it’s important to consider their experience and expertise in dealing with strata schemes. Check the company’s references and ask for testimonials from existing clients to help you make an informed decision.

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