Illawarra Business Awards - 2023 Finalists!

We’re thrilled to be named a finalist in the “Excellent Customer Service” category at the 2023 Illawarra Business Awards. This recognition means the world to us. Congrats to all finalists! We’re committed to raising the bar in customer service. Thanks, Business Illawarra, for 25 years of bringing the community together.

Welcome to Wollongong

We’re firm believers that all great things start with a good foundation.

Netstrata Wollongong, your local strata management company.

In 2011 we opened our doors for business at Market Street Wollongong after seeing an opportunity to provide a customer focused strata management service for the rapidly developing, beautiful South Coast Region.

During this time, we have been actively involved in the local community, supporting the North Wollongong Surf Life Saving Club, Shellharbour Junior Football Club. Illawarra Women in Business and the Camp Quality esCarpade.

Netstrata Wollongong is the most awarded strata management company in the Illawarra, having won Strata Management Business of the Year for 5 consecutive years in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023!

With over a decade of local service, Netstrata Wollongong is a confident choice for strata management services for your property. We offer you strata management services for any size, with each property individually tailored to specifically meet the needs of the Owners Corporation.

We add value to the services we offer by providing a strata management team that is fully qualified, supported by fortnightly in-house training sessions that ensures your team offers quality service and solutions with up to date industry knowledge to service you and your scheme at the highest level. Each manager is fully qualified in communication, meetings, interpreting strata documents, maintaining property & facilities, managing finances and record management.

If you want to experience a strata management company that is responsive, communicates and is proactive, please give us a call and allow us to introduce ourselves – we would love to hear from you!

Drop by our office and meet your team at the beautiful ‘Avante’ building. Level 3, Office 303, 3 Rawson Street, Wollongong or give us a call on (02) 4216 9147

Supportive and proactive team

Netstrata’s core values are based on customer service, accountability, integrity and teamwork. We strive to set the standard for strata management giving reassurance and professional service to our clients. We do this through educating our staff, empowering our clients and developing our own exclusive technology for staff and our clients that streamlines communication with ease.

Illawarra is our home, too.

We begun our journey in the Illawarra in 2011, and have seen trends in the market change, and we have changed with them. After 10 years situated in Market St, Wollongong, we have moved into an incredible location in Rawson St, with stunning views of our city that our clients soak up when they attend their AGM’s and special information evenings.


Mary Cunningham

In my dealings with strata management companies, I have found Netstrata to be one of the more helpful client focussed agencies remembering we have mutual clients and goals.

Donna Harding

Network Strata is a very efficient and helpful strata company. Any request is always actioned extremely quickly and efficiently. The staff are always friendly and polite and make a genuine effort to resolve any issues and provide assistance. Network Strata is the best strata company that I have dealings with.

Anne Dalzell

I have been dealing with Netstrata strata on a weekly basis for the last couple of years and whilst the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful, I have really been particularly impressed with how efficient they have been to deal with. When querying outstanding levies, arranging a strata inspection or requesting a section 184 certificate, a response is received within a couple of hours. This has alleviated a great deal of stress from my workload as I know I am able to obtain answers to any queries I may have at the last minute. I only wish that all my dealings with other businesses were as pleasant and efficient as Netstrata.

Jim Hughes

I find dealing with Netstrata Wollongong a highly professional and engaging experience.
Staff are responsive and proactive in responding to all business needs and are clearly supported by substantial company resources in employee training and Strata Industry knowledge. ..(click here to read more)

This includes Building and Facility Management disciplines which are additional and supplementary to the building industry as a whole.

There is a clear teamwork culture at Wollongong driving business results and outcomes for all stakeholders. The Team established there actively seeks and encourages client and customer dialogue whilst investigating factual information on any required topic or solutions to issues encountered. They manage numerous and diverse portfolios with no challenge found too great.

Staff also maintain a professional and courteous approach at all times even in the most demanding of circumstances. Any priority task is supported effectively at senior level as required.
All correspondence is acknowledged in a timely manner and extra support is often the norm rather than the exception throughout any project lifecycle.

In summary, with a considerable business growth expected in the Wollongong/Illawarra Region I can see Netstrata Wollongong continuing to embrace the challenges by anticipating key drivers, such as the development of a responsive and knowledge base culture centred around highly trained employees. This is clearly a strategy in striving to become a market leader within the Strata Industry.

Janelle Vaughan

Each time our firm deals with Netstrata it is always a positive experience. They are always prompt at replying to emails and exceptionally prompt at providing our 184 Certificates, unlike most other strata managers. They are always happy to help and offer excellent customer service.

Cheryl Cooper

The Village at Railway Street Corrimal have had Netstrata as our strata managers for three years since our complex was completed in 2020. Initially there was a lot to learn by the committee and owners and Netstrata has helped us understand the many legal and daily complexities of a strata site as many owners had never been in a strata complex before. ..(click here to read more)

Three years on and we now have a sound knowledge and can thank the Netstrata team for all their diligent work, sound advice and help when required. We now have Shayne Skevington as our Netstrata manager and we don’t know what we would do without him. He is always available to answer our queries, quick to arrange contractors to visit the complex and gives us sound valuable advice and is extremely efficient. Even though he does get some unusual queries he copes admirably with all situations. The strata committee and owners are very grateful for his reliability and knowledge of strata management and all of this makes a happy environment for us all at The Village Corrimal.

Why Investors Should Hire a Professional Strata Manager

If you’re an investor, hiring a professional strata manager has probably crossed your mind. After all, dealing with the day-to-day management of a strata property can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive.

Enjoy the following benefits by partnering with our capable strata managers in Wollongong:

1. Save Time

As an investor, your time is valuable. Hiring a strata manager frees up your time so you can focus on other important things, like growing your portfolio or spending time with your family.

2. Save Money

While you may have to pay a strata manager a fee, the money you save by not having to deal with the day-to-day management of your property will more than make up for it. A good strata manager will also have established relationships with contractors, which can save you money on repairs and maintenance.

3. Reduce Stress

Dealing with tenants, repairs, inspections, and general day-to-day property management can be challenging. Hiring a professional strata manager takes the stress out of owning an investment property.

4. Peace of Mind

When you hire a professional strata manager, you can rest assured that your property is in the hands of an experienced and qualified professional. Expect prompt, proactive and effective service to keep your property running smoothly and your tenants happy.

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Your home and strata maintenance matters. Now our building owners and tenants can easily report, view and track maintenance requests for their strata property from their phone. Notify us of any required maintenance, for both home or common areas, and stay updated with notifications as the job progresses. Simply take a photo of the maintenance issue, upload it directly to the app and follow its progress until complete.

For us, strata maintenance should be simple and fast, because your property, home and community deserve it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Strata Manager help me?

A strata manager assists you with meeting the daily demands of managing a strata scheme. Some of these responsibilities include:

Collecting strata fees and maintaining financial records

Arranging building insurance

Organising repairs and maintenance

Coordinating strata meetings

Providing advice on strata legislation

Enforcing the strata by-laws

What is included in Strata Building Insurance?

Strata Building Insurance covers any damage sustained by the building due to an accident or malicious act. This includes:



Glass breakage



Lightning strikes

Vehicular impact

Burglary and theft

Burst pipes

How often should strata fees be reviewed?

Strata fees should be reviewed annually to ensure they are fair and reflect the costs of running the strata scheme.

Are strata fees tax deductible?

Strata fees are generally tax deductible for investors. Speak to your accountant for more information.

Can I make additions or renovate my property?

More often than not, the answer will be yes – you will need approval from your Owners Corporation or Strata Committee before making any changes to your property, like installing an air conditioner, skylight, blinds, pergola or awning.