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Netstrata Kicks Off Major Sponsorship for the 2023 Season with Shellharbour Junior Football Club


On the cusp of a thrilling new season, we are delighted to announce an exciting partnership that is set to drive the growth and development of junior football in the Illawarra region. Netstrata Wollongong has shown its dedication to community sports by sponsoring the Shellharbour Junior Football Club (SJFC) for the 2023 season.

Since its establishment in 1967, SJFC has served as an emblem of community spirit and sporting excellence, cultivating a nurturing environment for its impressive cohort of 850 registered players. As a volunteer-based organisation, the club has been instrumental in moulding generations of football stars while upholding the values of inclusivity and affordability.

With Netstrata coming onboard as a major sponsor, the club is set to score even bigger goals. This sponsorship injects a significant boost to SJFC’s funding, which will provide a plethora of benefits to the players, the families, and the broader community.

Netstrata’s Managing Director, Stephen Brell, commenting on the new partnership, said, “We are thrilled to support a club that is as deeply rooted in the community as SJFC. This partnership aligns with our commitment to enriching local communities. We firmly believe in SJFC’s mission and look forward to contributing to the growth and success of these budding athletes.”

The partnership is a testament to the crucial role that local businesses play in supporting community organisations. Sponsorship from companies like Netstrata allows the club to keep its membership fees affordable, thus ensuring that the beautiful game of football remains accessible to all.

SJFC has a rich tradition of being a family club. It’s a place where local kids can not only learn football skills, but also build lifelong friendships, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and create cherished memories. And with the backing of Netstrata, SJFC can continue to foster this supportive and inclusive environment.

The Club’s Committee, composed entirely of local residents committed to the club’s success, has welcomed the partnership with open arms. This sponsorship symbolises a beacon of hope and resilience in uncertain times, promising to strengthen the club’s mission and solidify its position as a hub of junior football in the Illawarra region.

Netstrata’s sponsorship is more than just a financial boost; it’s a commitment to nurturing talent, promoting healthy and active lifestyles, and building stronger communities. It’s about making a meaningful difference in the lives of the hundreds of players and their families who are a part of SJFC.

As we look forward to the 2023 season, we’re filled with anticipation and excitement for what this partnership will bring. With the support of Netstrata, Shellharbour Junior Football Club is set to continue its proud legacy and inspire the next generation of footballing talent. Here’s to a successful and action-packed season ahead!

Together, Netstrata and Shellharbour Junior Football Club are building a brighter future, one goal at a time.

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