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Safety and Security for Strata Living


It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that opportunistic thieves break into homes scouting for valuables that they can steal. While break-ins aren’t unique to strata living, there are certain steps you can take to minimise theft from your building.

The entrance to the building should be secure and entry should only be possible using a key, swipe card or by entering a code. Never prop the front door open and never let anyone into the building that you don’t recognise or allow anyone to follow you in. Don’t be afraid to deny access to strangers. If the person is genuinely visiting friends and family, then they won’t mind buzzing them through the intercom separately.

If you have a lift, it’s a good idea to also have swipe cards that only allow access to the floor of the relevant apartment and the common areas. Security cameras can be a good idea in the corridors and the parking area.

Thieves may enter an apartment via the balcony, so don’t make access easy for them and provide anything that they can use to climb up. Keep trees at an appropriate distance away from the building and don’t leave bins or ladders lying around.

It’s a good idea not to leave valuables or your keys near windows or doors in your apartment. You don’t want to provide temptation for the burglars. If you’re particularly nervous, you could also install an alarm system in your place; there are quite a few smart home security systems available to choose from. A small safe that’s hidden from view, potentially placed inside a cupboard, is also worth investigating if you have significant valuables that need extra protection.

The great security mechanism for strata living is developing great relationships with your neighbours – harness the power of communal living for everyone’s safety. If you know everyone that lives in the complex at least by sight, then it’ll be easier to spot intruders.

If you do see anything suspicious, regardless of whether the intruder is in the common area, in your apartment or in another apartment, always call the police immediately – don’t attempt to confront the individual as they may be armed or dangerous. Similarly, if you discover a break-in and the perpetrator has already fled the scene, call the police and notify your building manager.

If you have any questions about security in your scheme, contact your managing agent at Netstrata.

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