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New Year’s Strata Resolutions


A new year brings a new outlook on life. At Netstrata, we want you to channel the impetus for change towards making strata living an even more enjoyable experience for your scheme.

Here are our top five New Year’s resolutions for 2018 to improve strata living.

Take steps to save water

Last year was the hottest on record for Sydney and the temperature for our city is on the upward trajectory. Water will become even more precious. So why not spend some time in researching and implementing some water saving options for your scheme. Engage a plumber to check for leaks and install water-efficient products. You can even do simple things like turn the tap off while brushing your teeth.

Install window safety devices

This isn’t an optional resolution – the New South Wales government require windows on strata buildings above the ground floor to be retrofitted with devices that can lock the window open at a maximum of 12.5cm. Strata buildings must be compliant by 13 March 2018. If you haven’t arranged for locksmiths to quote and fit the devices yet, then we urge you to prioritise this immediately. See our article on the new Window Safety Devices Act.

Organise a barbeque for your scheme

A great way to get to know your neighbours is by having an event. It could be anything from a barbeque to a picnic – just something to get everyone together so that you can chat. If strata members get to know each other better, then when situations arise the resolution process will be much easier.

Get your paths water pressure cleaned

While maintaining the upkeep of your building is important, many common property paths and driveways may become neglected. As a new year splurge, the Strata Committee might consider having the paths professionally cleaned with water pressure. This will give a new lease of life to what might be old and tired looking paths. And if there’s moss growing on the paths that makes them slippery, then having them cleaned thoroughly could prevent an accident.

Implement a by-law prohibiting smoking

The health effects of passive smoking are well documented. It’s now time for your scheme to consider passing by-laws to prohibit smoking on both common property and within the individual lots. Smoke drift is a significant issue in some buildings – so why not ensure clean air in your scheme and prevent owners and tenants from inhaling second-hand cigarette smoke.

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