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Top Tips for Preparing an Apartment to Rent


The rental market has certainly cooled in recent months; with more apartments available than people wanting to rent. Now, more than ever, it’s important to maximise the presentation of your apartment so that it has mass-market appeal. You don’t necessarily need to spend a great deal of money to prepare an apartment to rent but whatever you spend will pay dividends in the long run as well as helping with the maintenance and upkeep of your investment.

Here are some of our tips to prepare your apartment to rent.

Freshen it up with new carpet and paint

Clean walls and floors can rejuvenate an apartment in an older building and increase the sense of liveability. By giving the apartment a good paint job (not just a quick one coat and you’re done) and also replacing worn carpet, you’re setting the expectation for tenants that this is an apartment that deserves to be looked after and treated with respect.

Make sure everything works

This might sound obvious but if you’re renting an apartment with a dishwasher make sure it works. It’s not a good look if prospective tenants try the taps during an inspection and discover that no water appears. It’s even more frustrating for tenants who move in only to discover that not everything is fully operational – it sets a poor tone at the start of the tenancy.

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen

When renters inspect an apartment they really don’t need to see the remnants of spaghetti bolognese lying in the sink or dirty clothes from footy practice in the laundry. Clear away the clutter so that all rooms are presentable not just the living area. Just before the open home, do a once over to make sure everything is in its place.

Does the apartment smell clean?

The smell of your apartment can’t be overlooked. A musty or damp smell can deter renters. It’s best to find the cause of the smell and address the problem at its source. Even if there’s nothing causing a particularly undesirable smell, it’s best to open the windows and doors in advance of the open house to clear away stale air. Spraying air freshener can also help.

Add greenery to a balcony

Sometimes we focus so much on the apartment interiors that we forget that a balcony can be just as important if not more so – especially if your tenants love being outdoors. You can make a balcony even more attractive by placing a pot plant or some greenery on them. This is particularly important in medium density areas. If the strata by-laws allow, let tenants know that they’re welcome to have a small barbeque.

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