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The science is in. And while there are some dire predictions of what may happen to the earth due to global warming, it’s possible for all of us to do our bit to save the planet.

So what can we do in a strata situation?

Green Strata is a Sydney-based company dedicated to promoting sustainable living for strata schemes.

“Green Strata is a response to the problem of how to live more sustainably and with the lowest possible ecological footprint as a collection of households within a building or complex formed and legislated under strata title… We focus solely on helping owners and occupiers of residential multi-unit properties improve the sustainability of their common property and their community of residents,” says the Green Strata website.

Here are some of Green Strata’s recommendations that may assist to minimise harm to the environment and could also save money in the process.

Water Use
Properties may benefit from water saving devices such as water efficient showerheads that can easily be installed by a qualified plumber.

Communal Composting
Create a communal compost bin for residents. The resulting compost is great for the garden and reduces general rubbish.

Fluorescent Lighting
Consider removing a couple of the fluorescent tubes, if lighting levels in the common areas continue to meet the Australian standards for brightness.

Sun Dry Washing
Strata schemes may consider amending the applicable by-laws, to allow residents to dry washing on the balcony. If appearance is important; maybe restrict the height of the line or permit line drying to a certain day.

Maintain Air Conditioning Units
Schedule regular maintenance checkups for air conditioning units to ensure there are no leaks.

Pumps, Motors and Fans
Carry out an audit of all pumps, motors and fans used on the common property and assess whether it’s possible to reduce their operating times without sacrificing the enjoyment of the residents.

No Junk Mail
Put “no junk mail” stickers on the mail boxes. This will reduce the volume of unwanted paper placed into the recycling bins.

If you have any questions regarding how to maximise your scheme’s green credentials, contact your Strata Manager at Netstrata.

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