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Have Grandparents or Elderly Friends Living in Strata?


The technology we are using to run your Owners Corporation meetings is simple and easy to use. Plus, your Strata Manager pretty much has their PhD in video conferencing now so don’t worry – we won’t let you miss out!

Get your grandkids to set you up, and if you have an elderly friend living in Strata – reach out and see if they need help with staying in touch.

We have implemented several ways to allow you to attend meetings now, so please get in touch with your Strata Manager to see what suits you best.

Strata Committee & General Meetings

All Meetings that will be convened by our office for your Owners Corporation will be conducted remotely during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Owners will be able to attend or vote at meetings using a variety of methods including;

  • Video Conferencing
  • Teleconferencing
  • Online Voting
  • Pre-Meeting Voting
  • Traditional Proxy Voting

Most strata schemes managed by Netstrata have already passed the necessary motions and By-laws to enable meetings to be held in a remote setting. For those schemes that have not passed the necessary motions, we will be issuing meeting notices that will enable your Owners Corporation to vote on these requirements via Proxy/Postal Vote.

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