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NSW Announces Critical Reforms for a Fairer and More Transparent Community Living

In a significant stride towards enhancing the quality of life for strata residents, the New South Wales Government has unveiled its commitment to comprehensive reforms in the strata sector. These momentous changes, designed to instil fairness and transparency, reflect a resolute dedication to improving the lives of those residing in apartment buildings and townhouses governed by strata laws. As part of this transformative initiative, John Minns, a distinguished figure in the property industry, will assume the pivotal role of Strata and Property Services Commissioner, steering the course of this change.

Meet John Minns: A Visionary in Property Leadership

John Minns, who boasts over three decades of experience in property industry leadership and transformation, brings a wealth of expertise and vision to this new role. His illustrious career has seen him at the helm of renowned entities such as Independent Property Group, Dexar Group, and Laing & Simmons. It’s worth noting that John Minns divested his interest in Independent Property Group in mid-2021, underlining his commitment to this new endeavour.

In his capacity as the Property Services Commissioner, John is set to wield his substantial influence and insights to create fresh opportunities and performance benchmarks, aimed squarely at benefiting consumers and the property industry. Central to his approach will be a focus on innovation, technology, collaboration, and education, all pivotal elements in achieving the ambitious objectives set out for this role.

Elevating Strata for the Well-being of All

The appointment of John Minns as the Strata and Property Services Commissioner heralds a pivotal shift in the government’s approach to strata living. This move empowers him with the responsibility of overseeing and driving reforms across the entire strata sector, with strata management and governance at its core.

Immediate Reforms for a Brighter Future

The commitment to reforming strata laws is not mere rhetoric; it’s a tangible plan of action. The government’s first phase of reforms, scheduled for swift implementation, is poised to deliver immediate benefits to the people residing in strata communities.

The forthcoming legislation, set to be tabled before Parliament this week, includes the following key reforms:


  1. Transparency in Strata Collective Sales and Renewal Process:

Owners will now be obliged to disclose conflicts of interest.

Courts will be empowered to award costs against those acting unreasonably.

This crucial change addresses the longstanding issue of strata residents stuck in protracted legal battles when attempting to sell their buildings, often due to competing interests from alternative developers.

  1. Pet-Friendly Policies:

In a significant win for pet lovers, the reforms will ban the imposition of fees, bonds, or insurance as a condition for keeping a pet.

Strata schemes will no longer burden residents with costly and unnecessary fees or bonds. Owners already contribute levies to finance scheme administration and insurance costs, which should suffice to cover any pet-related damages.

  1. Competitive Pricing for Goods and Services:

Owners corporations will now be required to obtain a second opinion when the bill for work exceeds $30,000.

This change ensures that competitive quotes are sought for significant expenditures, irrespective of the scheme’s size, fostering accountability and financial prudence.

  1. Aiding Dysfunctional Strata Schemes:

NSW Fair Trading will gain the authority to request the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to appoint a compulsory strata managing agent in cases of severely dysfunctional strata schemes.

This amendment ensures that vital core duties are upheld even in cases of extreme dysfunction, safeguarding the interests of all strata residents.


The government’s proactive approach in implementing these critical reforms underscores its commitment to improving the lives of strata residents, fostering fairness, and enhancing transparency. This transformation, under the capable leadership of John Minns, sets the stage for a brighter future for strata communities in New South Wales.

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