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‘Quality Service’ – this is what most of us read as words that form part of a marketing ploy to get you to use a service.  Most of us assume that those words are true and accurate of any company who use them….. Less than a year ago, I stopped dealing with one company who used those words, and started dealing with another who meant them…

I am an owner occupier of a property in a rather large complex in the Inner West.  Like everyone who is an owner occupier, I like to take pride in where I live and like to know that the people who manage the complex that I live in, are giving me the best value for money and a quality environment.  This is where a quality service is important.  I was one of the unlucky ones who purchased a brand new property and then watched it deteriorate because of the mis-management of a Strata company that were employed at the time to give me that ‘quality service’…..

Everyone has a choice in life, change what you don’t like, or live with it.  I chose to make the change as I felt that I was entitled to enjoy the property that I purchased.  So, less than a year ago…. I made that change, and was fortunate enough to be referred to Netstrata by a friend.  From the initial contact, I was given professional guidance as to what was needed to be done.  Netstrata took on a big job without any hesitation.  From the changeover, to dealing with all of the issues and resolving them, our dedicated Strata Manager put more than 110% into the job.

Today,  I can walk through the complex and see how well the gardens are kept, how clean the foyers are and most importantly how little I need to get involved to keep the complex to the standards that it so rightfully deserves.  Netstrata have been a godsend to this complex and I can honestly say that now I’m getting what I pay for and more.

Strata Plan 77727 Strata Committee. Managed by Liesl Biles.

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