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A Building Management Committee (BMC) is a popular way of setting up a building whereby multiple individual entities occupy a parcel of land.

For example, a building may be a tower with a residential strata scheme occupying the upper 8 levels, with a separate retail strata scheme on Lower 2 levels. Each entity would have separate Owners Corporations however each contributes to the shared facilities within the building such as a shared lift, common foyer, car parking etc. A BMC is a Stratum Subdivision (or Air Space/Vertical Subdivision) whereby the plans detail the horizontal boundaries as well as the height limits. The lots are known as ‘Stratum Lots’ which do not need have to a Strata Scheme involved (however often do) and are separated to define different component use areas, each component area can be owned by a different entity outside of an Owners Corporation structure.

We have created a guide for you with information about what a Building Management Committee is.