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LED lighting reducing costs & CO2 emissions


The strata managers at Netstrata attended a short seminar this morning presented by Enlighten Australia a company specialising in the installation of LED lighting to enable strata schemes to reduce their energy consumptions. Some of the benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting include:

  1. Reduced Electrical Consumption – Savings of up to 76% have been achieved in retrofitting fluorescent tubes with LED tubes.
  2. Reduced Maintenance – LED’s last much longer than traditional lighting.
  3. No toxic Chemicals
  4. Reduced load on Air Conditioning – LED Lighting produces 65% less heat

The strata managers will be offering their client schemes with the opportunity of auditing their energy requirements to see how much energy can be saved and the total reduction of CO2 Emmissions that can be achieved. For more information contact your strata manager.